'Anand Regency' offers' business travel plus'(BTS) to suit UR needs.

Further UR special requests are now complied with by our compliments to make UR 'business trip'truly enjoyable and rewarding.
'Anand Tourism' is a pleasure trip to east and west godavari districts.A plethora of packages are designed to meet individual needs with regard to one's age.
The packages involve scenic beauties and bounties of nature and world famous places as well.
We are happy . The services received here at Hotel Anand Regency are of highest standerd.

thank you
_Rekha Rupesh

Hearty Welcome to Hotel Anand Regency. We aim at providing the highest standards of Modern Hospitality Services to the Guest members with a World of comforts n relaxation together with a unique blend of traditional Indian Hospitality.

Besides standard accommodation and dining, we offer recreational facilities at affordable prices. Our Hotel provides the visitor with a home off one's home. We have a wide range of rooms and tariff structure to suit every business traveler.

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